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People have always been divided into two very concrete and realistic groups. One is in which people accept that leading may not be their thing, yet walking or running on the road that suits them is rewarding enough.

Then there is the group of people in which people do not wait to see how others are making it. Instead, they make their own roads, create their own luck, and stand by their decision, be it rough or tough.

Here, we talk about the second group, i.e., risk-takers and firm believers of the following quote:

The bigger the risk, the bigger the return.

Today, in this article, we talk about the life experiences and knowledge of someone who is a dentist, an engineer, and an entrepreneur, always trusting his intuition and probably leading others forever. His name is Dr Hesham.

What influences leadership quality in us?

Dr. Hesham shared that his background in engineering and his support system in the form of his family, both had a huge impact on his leadership qualities.

Ever since his childhood, he has always been interested in leading the group. Even in deciding about going on trips, his friends followed his decision.

Persuading others without compromising the quality of his relationships was something Dr Hesham excelled in. And this is also why he even asks his children to read books like “The Art of Persuasion”.

Key Takeaways from the Episode

1. The Importance of Time Management: Dr. Hesham made it pretty clear that he is a firm believer in the value of time. He has incorporated a very unique rule for his meetings. So, if the meeting takes more than 15 minutes to complete, it is not worth it.

Efficiency is important, no matter the task.

2. Leading with example: Dr. Hesham also reflects on the importance of real estate investment, inspired by a family friend’s advice, which has been a cornerstone of his financial strategy alongside his dental practices.

His story underlines the significance of risk-taking, learning from failures, and the evolution of his leadership style from authoritative to motivational, focusing on understanding and inspiring his team.

3. Focus, Focus, Focus: Despite all attempts, many people fail at leading and taking risks successfully. For this, Dr. Hesham has shared that what helped him was focusing. Only after getting his focus on one task at a time, and multitasking later, he was able to succeed.

Going from dentistry and engineering to entrepreneurship was not an easy thing to accomplish. However, focusing was one of the most important factors that contributed to his success.

Redefining Success

This episode of the Mindset Master Podcast is proof of how risk is something that is not for instilling fear; instead, it is the game-changing variable between you and your successful future.

Dr. Hesham’s journey from a strict, authoritative leader to a motivating, team-centric leader offers valuable lessons on growth, adaptability, and the power of genuine connections in building successful ventures.

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