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Navigating New Horizons: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Acquisition”

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, success often requires breaking out of comfort zones and exploring new opportunities. Episode #7 of the Mindset Master Podcast, titled “I Want to Buy a Business, Where Do I Start?” brings you insights and advice from the dynamic Farooq Cheema, an expert in entrepreneurial strategies.

Understanding the Quest for New Ventures:

The episode opens with a compelling discussion about the desire to invest in new businesses. Many entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads when their existing business is flourishing, and they are seeking new avenues for growth and investment. This desire can lead to the important question: “Where do I start?”

The Threefold Approach:

Farooq Cheema proposes a threefold approach to this challenge:

1. Active Investment on the Board:  For those who wish to continue influencing business decisions and strategy without getting entangled in day-to-day operations, active investment as a board member offers a rewarding opportunity. This approach allows you to leverage your expertise and capitalize on your entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Industry Exploration: Venturing into new industries is an exhilarating option. For entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons, exploring unfamiliar industries can be a highly rewarding experience. While there is a learning curve, it keeps the entrepreneurial spirit fresh and excited.

3. Calculated Risk-Taking: The decision of how much to invest in a new venture should be calculated carefully. The risk percentage varies from person to person based on their financial situation, goals, and the perceived opportunities.

The Importance of Mindset:

A key takeaway from the podcast episode is the significance of mindset. Shifting your mindset to explore new horizons, whether by investing in a business or industry you’re passionate about, is a powerful force for personal and professional growth.

Challenges and Considerations:

Farooq Cheema also emphasizes the importance of assessing the industry, team, and leadership of the venture you plan to invest in. Being an investor or part of the board is not without challenges. Ensuring a good fit between your goals and the company’s mission is essential.

The Beauty of Learning:

For entrepreneurs, venturing into unfamiliar industries is like revisiting the excitement of childhood discovery. It’s an opportunity to view the business world with fresh eyes, allowing you to identify new opportunities, challenge the status quo, and gain valuable insights.


In Episode #7 of the Mindset Master Podcast, we learned that buying a business is not just about financial investment. It’s a journey of exploration, risk-taking, and embracing new opportunities. Whether you choose to be an active board member, explore uncharted industries, or balance risk with calculated investments, the entrepreneurial world offers myriad paths for growth and success.

Farooq Cheema’s wisdom and insights remind us that the entrepreneurial journey is a dynamic one, filled with opportunities to expand our horizons, build businesses, and keep the spirit of exploration alive.

Remember, your entrepreneurial journey starts here. So, tune in to the Mindset Master Podcast, embrace new horizons, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

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